Thumbs Up If You Are Sick Of These Commercials!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Again!

Hello friends. Welcome back to another edition on SICK of that commercial. I have a few that are really crawling under my skin, along with my readers AND my family's skins!

I think it's safe to say we all have had Sunny D. If someone asked you to go to the store to please get them some Sunny D, you'd know exactly what to get. But for some reason Sunny D doesn't think you remember. As a matter of fact, it MAKES you remember. To the point where you have to change the channel before you hear the dreadful "song." The reason I quote is because I don't how singing the same phrase over and over again, just in different keys, makes it a song. If it does, I've lost all hope for humanity.

Martina McBride, I KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE THAT REGRET THAT COMMERCIAL! It has probably cost you a lot of fans, and just the sound of your voice makes people freak out as if it was a loud horn blown in your ear drum. For the love of humanity, we get it.. we know you want us to drink orange juice.

EVERYONE is SICK of that commercial!

Sorry I had to put you through that. Or am I? Hehehe.

This commercial has been worn out to the max. I used to just sit there in awe because someone was telling national TV such personal, nasty information. She has a new commercial out that I was unable to find, in which she announced her diabetes diagnoses like it was a wedding invitation.

Before I go, I am going to post something I stumbled a few days ago. "As Seen On TV- You're doing it wrong" tribute. Enjoy!